Dressing for the Occasion

Now that wedding season has officially begun, it's time to think about what to wear. More specifically, how you'd like your DJ to dress for the celebration.


Occasionally, we hear stories from other vendors about DJs performing weddings in shorts and a t-shirt, when all guests were in suits! And with that surprise, we want to impart the one piece of advice on wardrobe for events: your DJ should match the guests and environment. This is so your DJ doesn't stand out from your guests.

For some events, if everyone is wearing a suit, so should your DJ. If it's a black tie affair, they should arrive in a tuxedo. If it's a relaxed or beach style format, with everyone wearing khakis and a Hawaiian shirt, a DJ wearing a tux will definitely jar with the theme.

Taking it a step further is to match the colors of the wedding, so that we don't clash with a bright green when all the colors are grey or navy.

Until next time, dress to impress!

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