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As a former wedding cinematographer (Filmed over 100 weddings) that hired District Remix for his own wedding, I can’t say enough that you have to hire either Jacob or Jason for your wedding. One of my first weddings I ever shot back in 2013 was with Jason Wallace as a DJ and then a couple months after that, I’m sure I shot my first one with Jacob. It became evident over the years in the business that these two were some of not only the best DJ’s around but some of the best people. So when I proposed to my now wife, they were the only people I had to call.
Now, to our actual wedding. From the very first song which was a Blackstreet - No Diggity Remix, our dance floor was packed. By 9:30 my shirt was ripped off me and by 10 pm my suit pants were split. By the end of the night, multiple glasses had broken on the floor. We danced with event staff that was forced to clean up our messes and several people got sick on our shuttles back to the hotels. This may sound like a mess of a night but if you want the best dance floor party you’ve ever had at a wedding and you want your friends to bring it up every time you see with them saying, “Holy hell that DJ’s setlist was so good, I need his Spotify” then look no further. District Remix is where you stop. Fill out the contact form and prepare your friends and families for the best wedding reception they’ll ever partake in. From the moment you meet with District Remix you realize how different it is from any other DJ. You get to pick your style of music, you get to hear them mix for you live before you ever sign, you get to say yes or no to specific tracks, and you get access to software that makes it all easy for the planning with them. I can't recommend them enough. From hospitality to an incredible party, I can't say enough good things about them. - Zach, married in November 2020

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