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Peter Kuyatt


Some reviews to check out...

We had a wonderful experience with Peter as our wedding DJ. He was so kind and so talented. He was really careful to include everything we wanted and genuinely cared about our experience. Our guests adored him also and our wedding party spent a while just having conversations with him as we all cleaned up post-reception. Tons of fun. - Holly


Peter had every song we asked for - and we asked for some rare ones. Phone or email, everyone we spoke to was very responsive. In-wedding demeanor was on point, and it's quite possible that some of our 240 guests left better friends with him than with us. We'd recommend to anyone! - Brendan


DJ Peter was awesome!!! He was a great MC and kept everyone on the dance floor. He worked with us before our wedding to help us choose songs for all the events (procession, recession, dances, cake cutting, etc). He made sure everything was set up perfect so music was enjoyed all over the large outdoor venue. My husband loves mashups and Peter is very good at them and has a large collection. I highly recommend DJ Peter! - Amanda

Songs in these samples are to show you HOW we mix, not what we will mix!

Every event playlist is customized to you!

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