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About Us

Do you want to rage at your party? We want you to!

These days, you want to cut loose with your friends while at the fanciest and best party and make a boat-load of memories! Get crazy and ratchet, whether it's a corporate party or your wedding, we are here for it!

We aren't typical deejays, but elegant mixers that make your event the party that everyone raves about. We don't specialize in one style of music, we specialize in YOUR style of music.


We have a wide range of Open Format DJs that can accommodate your musical tastes no matter what the type.

Our Story

Jason and Jacob started spinning music a long time ago, in the mists of the time (actually, it was the early 2000s 🤣) and wanted to elevate the DJ experience for their events. Over the years in the DMV, they have become the go-to DJs for so many planners and venues, creating elegantly run events with packed dance floors! So many times, they saw and heard of DJs that didn't know what to play for the crowd or some that simply didn't talk on the mic, not knowing how to MC!

Keep it simple; make it good. 

Our team wants to do just that for your event. Planning a party is stressful enough and we don't want to add to it! We're gonna make life easy on you, handling the details which allows you to do the one thing you should be doing: partying your butt off!!!

Meet The Team

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