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If you are looking to create a different look in your event space, uplighting is the easiest way to do it! We utilize wireless, battery-powered uplights by Chauvet.


With over 60 stock colors to choose from and options to create custom colors and remote control, we'll have your event space looking just the way you want!

Uplighting can create a wonderfully warm atmosphere to any room, and also gives you a more dynamic look to your reception and party photos!

Check out the looks below! For color options, check out all of them in the link here. $40 per light (when in stock).


Our uplighting is elegant. No wires or cheap-looking fixtures that show multiple LEDs; just a small footprint that can be placed anywhere (check the column of the photo).

Uplight in Corner.webp

Dance Lighting

Dance lighting is simply lighting that starts during dance time, adding to the energetic atmosphere! We utilize the Chauvet Gig Bar ($250), but if you want more elaborate lighting, we can do a custom quote for you!

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