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Michael Ramos


Some awesome reviews...

Big up to our amazing DJ, Michael Ramos. This dude in the clutch came through when our pianist was unable to attend last minute. The pianist was supposed to play everything for the ceremony including three different processional songs for the wedding party, parents, the bride and groom as well as the song for the recessional. We were really stressed, but to our shock, DJRamos had everything ready to go for the ceremony just in case. Unreal. He kept the floor jumping the entire night even when I wanted to breathe, lol. He is the ultimate in professionalism period. Something for all DJs everywhere to attempt to achieve. Thank you for the exemplary job! - Martin & Gina

DJ Ramos made our wedding the absolute best day of our lives. His ability to read the crowd and get them up and dancing and not want to leave the dance floor is insane. Even when he plays those must-fit-in songs or special requests that might make people leave to go sit down, they just stay and keep dancing. Believe me, when I say everyone was dancing all night, I mean everyone, to the point of feet hurting. All our friends are still talking about that magical night. Thank you so much, Ramos! - Patty & Zander

DJ Ramos was incredibly organized, detail-oriented, extremely flexible with requests, and just did an all-around amazing job and we could not have asked for more. The dance floor was packed all night long. Thank you for everything, Ramos! - Kristen & Brent

DJ Ramos was absolutely amazing! We had a very diverse crowd and playlist with so many musical genres. They included pop, hip-hop, EDM, Latin, afro beats, and dancehall. He effortlessly rose to the challenge and kept the dance floor packed all night long no matter what he played. It was also the way he played and mixed the songs. The remixes were so good that all our friends were completely mind-blown. We had no idea it would be this insane, it was like being at a festival. The energy was off the charts! So many of our guests approached my wife and I to say that DJ Ramos was the best DJ they ever heard and that our wedding was the best they had ever attended. Many of our single friends also told us they can’t wait to book Ramos for their future weddings when the Qme comes. We would not hesitate to hire DJ Ramos again in a heartbeat. He is the definition of professionalism. He knows how to anticipate your every need and keeps the party rocking all night long. Thank you for going above and beyond expectations! - Amber & Anthony

If it weren’t for DJ Ramos my wedding would have been a fail. We had the reception in a hotel ballroom and towards the beginning of the reception, there was a fire in the kitchen and everyone in the building had to evacuate. To make matters worse, it was raining outside. I was heartbroken that what was supposed to feel like the best day of our lives started feeling like the worst. They let everyone back inside, but because the fire was in the kitchen, they were unable to provide food. We had no idea, but while this was going on, DJ Ramos was orchestrating with the hotel and the wedding planner to have pizza delivered to our event. Many of my guests flew in from Ireland as I am Irish, and he collaborated with them for an epic Irish dance and singalong set, where DJ Ramos had the staff pass out Jameson shots to everyone. Because of DJ Ramos, our night was not ruined, and our wedding became a night we will truly never forget. Our sincerest gratitude to DJ Ramos. Sláinte! - Krystal & Michael

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