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Charming Party at Tidewater Inn | Francesca and Zach

DJ Jason Wallace crushed this summertime party of raging dancers celebrating Francesca and Zach at the Tidewater Inn in Easton, Maryland. Their first dance was Leon Bridges, "Beyond".

Abigail Grey Photography was ready to capture the madness on the dance floor while Jason mixed in a huge variety of tracks for everyone to get down to!

Francesca and Zach's review:

"Jason & Team was awesome! Helped us the whole way through the process, and was able to understand exactly what we wanted. Jason was patient with us when we had to make some last minute changes, and was quick on the fly when we had to make changes during the wedding. He was also super independent and needed no direction from us in terms of figuring out where to go, how to setup, and and his queues to start. That took some much needed stress off of our minds during the day. It was a really fun night, thank you!"

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