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District Mix #11

Back for another week of fun music while winding down your work day!. This week is all over the place, starting with a song that DJ Jacob Jensen has been captivated by. BØRNS has hit the scene with Electric Love! His version with a string quartet really lets you hear his soothing voice shine.

During my weekly gym sessions, System of a Down came up on the playlist, and wow did it get him pumped!

Since it's a Friday, sometimes you need a drink to unwind after a long week, and Gucci Mane has a great jam for that. To make it even better, this mash-up includes Lovesick by Lindstrøm & Christabelle which gives it a fresh feeling. Thank you to ABX over at The Hood Internet for making it!

Searching around after Gucci, I had to throw in a fun mix of Biggie...concluding with the monster jam of Make It Bounce. Have a super weekend!

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