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District Mix #14

It's sunny and wonderful outside; a great day for being at the pool. Now all you need is the right soundtrack and we are here to help. While mixing a set, DJ Jacob Jensen had refreshed his ears with the duo known as Discotech (Joe Maz and Konflikt) and their wonderful mixes.

Jacob had to hit if off with The Police, with the opening guitar riff that somehow reminds him of a summer sunset. Mix in a bit of Ed Sheeran and Tove Lo for the current jams that he always turns up in his car. Tinashe's 2 On fell into his audiosphere recently, for that soft R&B sound, as did Route 94's My Love. Adele's Rolling in the Deep makes for a nice wrap up to this mix, but Jacob is already prepping a second Discotech mix as they have so many sweet tracks to share.


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