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Justin Timberlake on Netflix

Did you miss Justin's latest tour or want to see it again? Check out the concert on Netflix! The film came out this past week and a couple of us in the office got the chance to watch it.

On the last performance of the tour after two years on the road, Justin and the Tennessee Kids brought their classic sound to Las Vegas' MGM Grand. The concert focuses on the latest album, The 20/20 Experience (Part 1 & 2), dropping in other classics from Justin, as well as covers of Bel Biv Devoe and Michael Jackson.

Timberlake, like many others, has become an expert at creating a fulfilling show that leaves his audience satisfied on many levels. Those that want to see Justin dance with some of the great moves from his classic videos (My Love choreography comes to mind), it's there. If you want to hear Justin hit every note to perfection, no problem. An elegant light and video show only adds to what transpires on stage.

This concert is so polished that even older generations will be able to appreciate it. They reworked many of the older tracks to match the 20/20 album sound. The sixteen-piece band was mixed impeccably well so that you can hear every individual member, not just a jumble of horns and voices.

We definitely recommend checking out this concert film! You can find the entire set list here.

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