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Lauren & Eddie - Old Wide Awake Plantation

Back in mid-November, Eddie and Lauren's wedding was postponed until Thanksgiving weekend due to a hurricane. As Lauren is a super-amazing-wonderful wedding photographer, we were very honored when she chose DJ Jacob Jensen of the District team to rock her party.

The rescheduled day turned out amazingly at the Old Wide Awake Plantation in Charleston, South Carolina! Jacob was super excited for this party to get started. Sunshine and 70 degrees reigned supreme, with a gorgeous ceremony underneath an oak tree. Everyone returned down the road to the main house for cocktails.

After dinner when the temperature dropped down to the 40s (chilly!), the dance floor heated up. Between guests dropping into full splits and Lauren doing the Juju On That Beat dance, the party wouldn't stop. Shots were fed to guests on the dance floor by Lauren, even as they hugged the heaters. Lauren even managed to pull Jacob out on the dance floor!

Once the celebration came to an end at the Plantation, everyone went out to downtown Charleston to keep tearing up the dance floor! Jacob and Madison managed to make sure that Natalie Franke got out and danced a bit too!

Big thanks to Natalie Franke for the images. Check out more photos on Lauren's page.

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