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Music During Quarantine

During all of this, we turn to music to pass the time and enjoy it. We wanted to collect a bunch of music posts and fun that we've seen lately, and as this quarantine progresses, we'll add some more.

This amazing track by the Stay Homas, a music group based in Barcelona that started posting awesome songs since quarantine started!

And then, Michael Bublé, the Barenaked Ladies and Sofia Reyes took their turn at the same song!

Do you need rap, but love childhood books? Wes Tank has been rapping Dr Seuss over Dr Dre beats. It's incredible. Check out his entire channel playlist for all his uploads. Here are a few!

If you are an emo-music fan, you might recognize the following song that begins with an iconic one note. Can you guess it?

And finally, here is some Disney song fun.

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