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Old Town Road

Many people haven't heard the catchy country/trap track "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X, but many have, and we want to share a bit of background about it.

It started as a track with an accompanying hashtag #yeehawchallenge on the mobile video app TikTok. The videos usually have people dancing for a bit, then when the beat drops, they magically are wearing country attire. Suddenly, the song was everywhere, including the Billboard Country charts. But, that was short-lived, as Billboard removed it from the charts, as they said there were "not enough elements of today's country music". Hopefully they will reverse that decision soon.

In addition to Billy Ray Cyrus adding his vocals and further cementing it as a country song, Keith Urban covered the track on Instagram as well!

We wouldn't be District Remix without sharing a fun remix of the song (beyond what Billy Ray Cyrus added in).

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