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Original Vs. Re-Drums

We get this request sometimes: only play the original edit, no remixes. Why would we play a re-drum verses an original track?

Modern songs have a full and rich sound. But when playing an older track (something from the 60s) it sounds like the bass just dropped out. Re-drums help with this. When playing at a nightclub or festival with big EDM songs, there comes a point in the song where it drops out the bass to explore the softer part of the track and build it back up. Most people will stop moving at this point and wait until it builds back up to rock out again.

A similar event happens when going from a big song from the modern era to a classic track. With the drop in the comparative level of bass, guests usually pause on dancing, then get back into it.

For the DJ to mix from one to the other, it helps to have that filling bass so guests are not surprised by the lack of it when going to an older song.

Let us know your thoughts on originals vs re-drums!

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