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Rachel and Scott's Baltimore Bash: A Terrible Towel Tango at Mt. Washington Mill Dye House

bride and groom holding hands in front of brick wall

In the heart of northern Baltimore, love took center stage as Rachel and Scott tied the knot at the iconic Mt. Washington Mill Dye House. The air buzzed with excitement, and Kemp Collective immortalized every moment, capturing all the amazing dancing!

Mt. Washington Mill Dye House: Charm in Every Brick: Nestled in historic Baltimore, Mt. Washington Mill Dye House set the scene for a wedding that would be etched in memories. The industrial-chic backdrop seamlessly blended with the couple's vibrant love, creating a unique atmosphere for celebration.

bride and groom smile while doing their first dance

Terrible Towel Tango: As Rachel and Scott made their grand entrance, a sea of Terrible Towels waved in unison. The iconic yellow towels, a symbol of their shared enthusiasm, added a touch of Pittsburgh pride to the celebration.

bride and groom dancing with guests

A Dancefloor Extravaganza: From the first beat, the dancefloor became a canvas of uninhibited joy. Non-stop dancing turned the reception into a lively spectacle. Guests reveled in the rhythm, moving to the tunes that echoed the couple's journey. DJ Jacob Jensen was doing a power-hour style mix for the entire night, dropping a new track in every single minute!

Check out their awesome photos!

Here is Rachel and Scott's review:

"There is no better DJ for your wedding!

Jacob is PHENOMENAL at what he does! The entire process from the initial call, utilizing the planning tools online, and the final meeting before the big day- Jacob was thorough, knowledgeable, and so very kind. He took the time to understand the vision for our wedding day, and brought the utmost positive energy to have the celebration going on all night long! Our guests to this day are still telling us how great the playlist was and how amazing the DJ was. Hiring District Remix for our wedding day was the best decision we could've made! Thank you thank you thank you Jacob!"


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