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Sea Shanties Are Back

Yup, during this pandemic, if anyone had guessed that sea shanties would be trending, we would have laughed them out of the room. Now, we are all jamming to them! So, if you need to know why they blew up, it came down to a TikTok video.

Here is the original video by Nathan Evans, a Scottish postman.

The video took off with subsequent other users adding harmonies.

Of course, someone had to make a sweet remix, and here it is!

Sea shanties are work songs to time activities aboard a ship with multiple sailors, such as pulling rope. Now we have some great playlists and albums for you to check out!

This is a great album by The Longest Johns of seas shanties.

Enjoy this list of sea shanties from various artists:

And even the game series Assassin's Creed had sea shanties in their game, Black Flag.

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