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Super Sweet Party at Marriott Ranch Bed and Breakfast | Abby and Xavier

DJ Chris Zwald was ready to rock Abby and Xavier's fall wedding at the Marriott Ranch Bed and Breakfast in Hume, Virginia. Their sweet ceremony on the lawn, guests headed inside to rock the night away! Abby and Xavier danced to "Your Song" by Elton John for their first dance, and had a big mix of 60s to current tracks. Big thanks to Sarah Botta Photography for capturing the magic.

Also check out their awesome review:

District Remix was recommended to us by one of our vendors and were so glad to have hired them for our wedding! Before getting matched with our DJ we met with Jacob, one of the company's Owners. Right away we could tell that this was a well-run company with very experienced and knowledgable DJs! Chris Zwald was the DJ for our wedding and we couldn't have been happier! Chris is kind, energetic, creative, and thoughtful. My husband and I came into our first meeting with a general sense of the "vibe" we wanted at our wedding, and we knew that we wanted to play the hora and the shoe game. Chris was great at communicating his understanding of what we wanted by sending us some of his mixes, sending us the version of the hora he believed we wanted, and coming up with a very creative way to play an "interactive" version of the shoe game. Chris was also very flexible, meeting with us in the evenings so that it worked with our work schedules. We met twice the week of our wedding to make sure that we were happy with our wedding timeline, and to make sure that it worked with all of our vendors. We even made some last minute requests the week of our wedding that Chris managed to work into the reception perfectly. The DJ truly does run the show for your reception the day of your wedding, so it's extremely important to have a DJ that knows what you want, how to create and keep the energy going throughout the night, while also sticking to the timeline and working in all of the little things you want to do throughout the night. Chris did all of this and more! The day of the wedding, Gavin was also present to help make sure everything ran smoothly. The night was absolutely PERFECT!! Everyone was up and having a great time the entire night. We highly recommend using Chris Zwald and District Remix!

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