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Wedding Season Is Here

Now that we are in March, it's time to get ready for wedding season! Time to go through our DJ gear, clean up the decks, double-check the batteries and get ready for some epic parties.

It starts with the cleaning the DJ system; removing business cards, rubber bands and other random items that end up in our cases. It's a good idea to take out each component and vacuum the case (random bits of dust and confetti usually hide in there). Fingerprints aren't attractive! A bit of elbow grease makes everything feel shiny and new again. And boy, do clients like the fancy-looking gear.

Out with the old and in with the new (cables). This past year, many have updated their phones, and with that, need to put a spare in their case to charge during events. It's nice when you can open up your gear and everything is ready to go, instead of searching for the wires.

We love making things easy on our vendor friends. For videographers, we've added a wire for them to get a direct feed from our system. This way, the DJ doesn't have to fumble about to find the right plug for them. Making everything have fewer steps to accomplish is very satisfying.

Weddings can be rough on the body, as many in the industry can attest. Photographers have to run around, squat and jump to get the right shot, while DJs have to stay still in a position for 4+ hours like a guard at Buckingham Palace (it's hard on the feet). A full day can be 8-16 hours, encompassing travel, setup, performance, teardown and travel back home. Doing two or even three weddings in a weekend is physically exhausting, so we make sure to get enough rest in between events.

Hitting the gym during this time is critical, especially to maintain or even gain strength. Lifting 50 lbs speakers after rolling a cart of 200+ lbs through an event space to the car can be a huge drain on one's energy.

Physically demanding as they can be, weddings are emotionally rewarding. Having our couples and guests dance all night, everyone gets a great workout and help to create some unforgettable moments.

Look out partiers, we're ready!

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