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After the Party

Once the celebration is over and the festivities are winding down, you may wake up the next day to some unexpected stress. Packing for the honeymoon!

After an absolute throw down wedding this past Saturday, I was chatting with one of my previous couples at the afterparty. We were reminiscing about how much fun we had at their reception when the conversation of their honeymoon came up. The only thing they wished was planned better was when they left for their honeymoon. The party was on a Saturday, and they were leaving on Monday for Africa. My couple was so physically exhausted from partying all night that they didn't even want to pack for their safari!

Taking an extra day or two to recoup after the party before traveling is a great idea! Most of the time couples are doing brunch, or relaxing with friends the day after the party before heading out for the honeymoon. Being physically rested and mentally prepared for such a monumental trip will ensure you arrive at your destination fully charged. I myself return home on Saturday nights aching, wanting to hit the snooze button as long as possible come Sunday morning! I don't know how our couples recover so quickly after a night of indulging and dancing!

Packing ahead of time is your best bet if you aren't taking an extra day before traveling. Knocking out as much as you can beforehand will allow you to take the focus off the planning, and put your sweetheart in the limelight!

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