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Ariane and Russell Throw a Smashing Party at Birkby House

groom spinning bride on lawn in front of hedge

In a celebration that can only be described as epic, Ariane and Russell's wedding was a night of non-stop dancing, laughter, and pure joy. Held in the embrace of love and surrounded by the picturesque beauty of Birkby House in Leesburg, Virginia, DJ Darian Granger set the stage for a celebration to remember.

DJ Darian Granger: The Maestro of the Dance Floor: From the first beat to the last note, DJ Darian Granger orchestrated a symphony of music that had everyone on their feet. The dance floor wasn't just a space; it was a magical realm where every step told a story of love and celebration. DJ Darian's expertise ensured that every song resonated with the couple's journey, creating an electric atmosphere that kept the party alive all night.

woman doing the limbo under a pair of ties tied together between two guys

Capturing Moments with Aquamarine Photography: As the dance floor came alive, so did the lenses of Aquamarine Photography. Every twirl, every dip, and every smile was expertly captured, transforming fleeting moments into timeless memories. The result? A photo gallery that not only documented the day but also conveyed the sheer joy and exuberance that defined Ariane and Russell's wedding celebration.

bridesmaid dancing with sunglasses on

Crafting Perfection with Lissa Marie Weddings and Events: Behind the scenes, Lissa Marie Weddings and Events worked their magic to ensure that every detail was flawless. The coordination, the decor, and the overall ambiance were a testament to their dedication to making Ariane and Russell's vision a reality. Lissa Marie Weddings and Events transformed the venue into a haven of elegance, creating the perfect backdrop for a night of celebration.

A Night to Remember: Ariane and Russell's wedding was more than a ceremony; it was a celebration of love, shared with family and friends. The dance floor was the heartbeat of the evening, echoing the rhythm of their journey together. As DJ Darian Granger spun the tunes, Aquamarine Photography captured the magic, and Lissa Marie Weddings and Events ensured every detail was perfect – Ariane and Russell's love story came alive.

They even reviewed Darian and our services:

"Darian and District Remix were amazing! Their online system was great for gathering our must/if possible/do not plays. Darian got our vibe immediately and the dance floor was immaculate, better than we could have ever hoped! He mixed in our requested songs seamlessly and kept people on the floor all night long. When we got to the day of, Darian checked in with us on all of the important songs, then joined us on the dance floor to make sure the energy stayed high the whole night! Couldn’t have asked for a better DJ and overall music experience, so many of our friends gave us compliments and asked for his info because he killed it so hard!"

Check out more photos below!


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