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Booking a DJ - The Other Side

Like many people in their 20s, we all seem to have a lot of friends getting married. One of my best friends recently got engaged and is now planning their wedding for this summer. Since the wedding is in Florida (and I'm going to be a groomsman), I offered to assist in helping them select a DJ.

Having only been on one side of the table selling and performing DJ services, it's a very different perspective when hiring one. There were many questions arising as to what was important!

The first thing I took note of (from the DJs they had narrowed down) were their responses and actual response time. Some got back to them within 24 hours, where others took a week or so. Those that were too slow were the easiest to eliminate. It was reassuring that there are still professionals out there that were quick and could get back with any questions my friends had. Nobody wants their decisions to hang in limbo waiting for an answer.

Above all else is ones reputation in their industry. Studying reviews and even taking a moment to ask the venue coordinator who they would use to DJ their own wedding helps to get a better feel of their craft and working relationship with their clientele. The choice was now down to two options.

My friend let me chat with one of the prospective DJs, to talk about their gear and his approach to weddings. He knew the venue very well (knowing the catering manager by name is a great sign) as well as mentioning what to expect for the ceremony (as it gets very breezy, so microphones would be needed). The DJ mentioned always making sure to bring about the best party through the ideas of his clients' style, which was music to my ears!

The only thing left is to make sure that the contract covers all of the details, insurance, inclement weather plan and back up equipment. If any of these are not mentioned in the contract, it should be discussed with the performer or company before signing.

A courtesy that I did mention to my friends is once you've selected a vendor, make sure to contact the other vendors in that department to tell them you have chosen someone else. It definitely helps to not continue receiving multiple followup emails, and releases said vendor for other inquiries.

I can't wait to enjoy this Sunshine State wedding later this summer! I'll definitely let everyone know how our DJ performs!

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