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District Mix #1

So, a friend of mine at a industry gathering in Annapolis recently sparked an idea for our blog. Since we are a DJ service, instead of just sharing photos of events, how about putting up fun music mixes!

I finally sat down this evening to make a quick mix of a few tracks that have been rolling around in my head and wanted to share them with everyone.

I just have been digging Coleman Hell for a while, but haven't had a chance to play it at an event yet, so I started us off with 2 Heads. After wandering on YouTube for a while, I found an awesome video that GoPro put out, that included some amazing music by the artist Woodkid (the instrumental version of Run Boy Run gets me pumped!). I started listening to as much of his music as I could (his track, Volcano has a gorgeous video, especially considering it's live at a concert. I think it looks better produced than some regular music videos). I added in his track Iron for some dramatic flair.

Transitioning down into Shoop, which was in the Deadpool movie that came out. I have been crazy about jazz covers for a while, and Ne-Yo crushed it. His version of Disney's Friend Like Meis a stand out, and it's fun to beatmix in some jazz.

Finally, I got back on track with another Deadpool track, X Gon Give It To Ya, by DMX. The movie has some awesome music selections, even going back to include Calendar Girl by Neil Sedaka.

I'll hope to put out more of these soon. Enjoy!

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