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Gear We Use - MagSafe Converter

Here is another series in Gear We Use.

If you own a Apple Laptop and have updated as I did last year, you probably got rid of the old laptop, but not the chargers.

I found that Apple makes a MagSafe to MagSafe2 adapter.

Thank you for whoever at Apple created this little gem of hardware! Now I can use my old chargers and not have to pay $80 for a whole new set. This small piece of metal is extending the life of the charger for another few years. I used to have to move the charger with that, and I would occasionally forget, leading me to have to buy one on the fly. Now, I can leave my chargers in each spot, so one in my dj bag, one in my carrying case and one at home. It's magnetic, so it will stay on your charger, or if it does pop off, it will stay on your laptop.

Occasionally it will not charge the computer (as the light on charger won't turn on and indicate), but just wiggle it around a bit, and it will charge. If it isn't on, the computer won't drain its battery.

Now all Apple has to do is make a magsafe to USB-C adapter for the new laptops.

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