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Hire Professionals Not Friends

We have all done it or heard about it: hiring a friend to do something at a wedding, either planning, photographing even deejaying. The stereotype is that is the uncle of the bride or a groom's friend taking care of a big aspect of your day.

We recommend not going this route for a few reasons. One that really stands above others is this: do you want to make your friends work your wedding? It might not seem as big as hiring a professional, but let me explain. Even if they wouldn't consider themselves a professional, but are passionate about the service they will be providing, they are changing their focus.

When working a wedding, a vendor must focus on executing a flawless event, whether it is taking photos or deejaying. That takes away from having time to mingle with friends, drinking and enjoying the party. If the bride or a coordinator needs to reach the vendor that is also trying to enjoy cocktail hour with guests, that can take away focus and add stress to the party.

Someone's 100% attention can only be divided up to so many different tasks, either to enjoy a party or to do the job they were hired to do. Plus, what will their memory be of your event?

If you are really into doing the hands on task of packing up the party at the end of the night, go for it. But if you want to be able to go to the afterparty immediately and let someone else handle packing up all of the gifts and other tasks that need to be done, it is best to get a professional to do just that.

One other aspect is throughout the event, your vendors are also your advocates. They are used to dealing with a myriad of situations and can recommend the best course of action. For music, if you know you don't want some style of music to be played, but have a guest being insistent, let the DJ handle it.

Let us know your thoughts on hiring friends or professionals.

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