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How To Make DJ Wires Look Good

Messy wires; they're just plain...messy! We see bad DJ setups all the time that let wires dangle everywhere, wires that pour over the front of the table making for an extremely disorganized look. When a couple spends months planning an elegant event and their DJ doesn't put in the effort to match, it's disheartening. Every table is photograph-worthy, but the DJ setup looks frightening it ends up being avoided in the background of photos.

Why does it bother us? Partly safety, but more so the aesthetics. Wires that are not hidden or taped down and out of the way at weddings and events have a chance to be tripped on or interfered with. We've all been at home and run into wires that end up pulling something down. Now imagine that happening at a wedding. Disaster.

Below are some examples of what is common:

Many DJs leave their wires loose on the ground running into their system. Tripping hazard!

Some DJs will wrap their wires around their speaker stands like vines. This solves the problem, but we feel it makes the speaker stand incredibly unattractive.

We have a simple, more elegant solution: Bongo Ties. They wrap around the speaker stands and keep the wires in place. It only takes a few moments to tidy up the wiring and makes breaking down at the end of an event very easy.

The profile the bongo ties create looks wire-free and polished. Also, a tip is to give some slack to the wires at the top, so if needed, they can be rotated without straining the connection points. This is how we keep our look fresh and sophisticated.

Luckily, technology has allowed us to use fewer wires. While DJ cases can keep a power strip, phone and laptop charging cables hidden away and organized, everything on the table should photograph worthy! There's a definite possibility that a few photos will be taken of your DJ.

We've met nightlife DJs that said their wedding clients would be okay with their lackluster approach to a clean set up (most club DJ booths are messy and covered in an assortment of cables). We were shocked by the statement that someone wouldn't have to adjust their aesthetic to be more visually succinct and tailored for a more refined party.

Wires that aren't wrapped correctly make it harder for a DJ to be organized. Some DJs just shove their wires in a bag without wrapping them. This causes them to get tangled and makes it difficult to sort through their gear for the next event, rather than having the ability to pull out the one or two cables they need.

If you'd like to know how to wrap a cord correctly (even if you're not a DJ, it's good to know this), check out this video below. You can thank us later for extending the life of your wires =)

If you need a quick tutorial on how to wrap cable properly, this is for you! This method is used by audio professionals around the world and can make your wires last longer and easier to manage! It takes a minute to learn and makes life easier.

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