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Julie and Chad | Blowing the Roof off of Bohemia Overlook

bride and groom smile and pose underneath bride's veil

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of North East, Maryland, Bohemia Overlook provided the perfect backdrop for Chad and Julie's enchanting fall wedding. With the gentle rustle of autumn leaves and the crisp air of the season, their special day was nothing short of magical.

bride and groom first dance in barn while guests watch

A Bohemian Paradise: As the sun dipped below the horizon, Chad and Julie exchanged vows against the stunning backdrop of Bohemia Overlook. The venue's rustic charm and natural beauty provided the ideal setting for their heartfelt ceremony, with K. L. Planning Company ensuring that every detail was flawlessly executed.

groomsman dancing at wedding

Capturing Memories: April & Mike Raymond, with their keen eye for detail, immortalized each precious moment of Chad and Julie's wedding day. From the tender glances shared between the couple to the laughter-filled embraces with family and friends, their photographs beautifully captured the essence of the day.

dj jamming at his table with hands up at his sides

Dance the Night Away: Under the expert guidance of DJ Jacob Jensen, the dance floor came alive with energy and excitement. From the first dance to the final song, guests were on their feet, dancing the night away in celebration of Chad and Julie's love. The music was electric, the atmosphere was infectious, and the memories made on the dance floor will be cherished for years to come.

Check out their review:

"Jacob at District Remix is hands down the best DJ in the area. When folks look back 20 years and reflect what they remember from my wedding, the music will be at the top of the list. Don't leave the most important night of your life to chance, hire the best DJ money can buy!"

Day of Coordinator: K. L. Planning Company

Bridal Boutique: Francesca's Bridal

Hair Stylist: Tousled Beauty Co.

Makeup Artist: Glam by AMS

Calligrapher: Julia Kay Designs


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