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Mitch and Caroline Dance in DC

bride and groom pose and smile at each other on brick street

Hey there party people! 🎉

If you missed Mitch and Caroline's wedding shindig at St. Francis Hall in Washington, D.C. this June, fear not – I've got the scoop on all the groovy details that went down on their big day!

First off, let me just say, these two lovebirds sure know how to throw a party! The venue looked amazing with the bistro lighting above the dance floor. And let's talk about the dancing – oh boy, it was off the charts! 💃🕺 DJ Don Hood crushed this party with a mix of Top 40, 90s, grunge, and country!

bride dancing with guests

Our dynamic duo kicked off the dance floor with a bang, and soon enough, the entire crowd joined in. But here's where it gets wild – enter the surprise guest of the night, none other than the Virginia Tech mascot, HokieBird! 🦃 Yep, you read that right – a giant, feathery Hokie was tearing up the dance floor, and it was epic!

Turns out, Mitch and Caroline have a squad of friends who bleed maroon and orange, having graduated from Virginia Tech. So, to pay homage to their Hokie family, they brought in the big bird himself to lead the dance party. And let me tell you, HokieBird sure knows how to boogie!

woman in blue dress dancing with Virginia Tech mascot HokieBird

Jessica Nazarova, the photography wizard, captured every spin, dip, and twirl on the dance floor. The photos are pure gold, showcasing the unbridled joy and laughter that filled the air. It was a dance extravaganza like no other, with HokieBird even posing for pics and becoming the honorary dance partner to many!

wedding guests dancing

The energy was infectious, and you couldn't help but tap your feet to the beat. It was a wedding for the books, and Mitch and Caroline sure know how to throw a party that leaves everyone with a smile!🥂💍

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