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Outdoor Wedding Season Tips

Now that this week has kicked off the wonderfully warm weather, everybody is thinking of being outdoors, and with that comes outdoor weddings. We love a ceremony by the water and the party under a tent, but with that comes Mother Nature being unpredictable. When planning months in advance, it's impossible to know what the weather will be like the day of the party. But there are certain things that we as DJs like to have in place to deal with any weather.

First up is the sun. We love clear skies with sunshine for our events; it makes for great pictures and happy guests. But with that comes solar heat. We always ask to be under a tent, or if it's out in the open, that we are covered in shade. The sun can heat up electronics to an extraordinary degree that the equipment would be too hot to function or handle. If you have left your phone out in the sun and has become too hot, you've experienced what DJ gear and laptops can do. If it's not hot out, then there aren't really any issues.

This is what you have to do to make sure your gear is within operating temperature!

When in a tent, we know that rain can come in on the sides with some motivation by the wind. Planners are great to make sure that if rain does occur, the sides of the tent will be brought down in a hurry to protect the DJs electronics and guests.

Next up is comfort.

Outdoor air-conditioners: we know it sounds like a stupid or impossible idea, but trust us, it really does help. When it is super-humid outside, outdoor air-conditioners help to move around the air and cool guests. When it is 90-100 degrees, guests might not want to dance as much as their energy level plummets when overheating.

Airflow is key! Even if it is just the humid air, it helps to have fans keeping the air moving throughout the space.

We hope this helps with planning your outdoor event!

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