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Raise Your Speakers

Today's topic is speaker height. We see many DJs that leave speakers at face/head height opposed to having them sit slightly above the average person(s) line of sight.

We recommend going a bit above the average, as leaving speakers at head height will muffle the sound for any guests not directly in front of the speaker. As DJs, our goal is to make sure that everyone hears the music, making it as crystal clear as possible. The same principle applies when someone puts fingers over the speakers of a phone.

By raising the speakers, you are not subject to sound interference from tall guests, or 'bodies of water'. Yes, we are all still made up of 50% - 70% water as human beings...sound and wireless components do not pass through water clear, or well at all.

Working with skilled, experienced DJs always makes for a better party, better sound and a better experience for all in attendance!

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