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Save Your Ears

Everyone enjoys music, but sometimes it can be too much. Especially if you deal with it every weekend in a loud setting. This post isn't just for DJs, but all wedding vendors that are around the music at a party.

You may enjoy the intensity and feel of the base and sometimes when you can barely hear yourself singing over the chorus, but do it enough times, and you might not be able to hear it at all. After the party, you usually turn on some music to relax to, but once you settle down to bed is when the ringing in the ears becomes noticeable. Tinnitus is the constant ringing in the ears, that is most commonly connected to prolonged exposure to loud sounds. Many musicians get tinnitus and it can be a minor annoyance.

To make sure it doesn't affect you, wear earplugs. Of course earplugs aren't sexy, but they will keep your hearing in prime condition for many years. For vendors at weddings, standard ear plugs are fine. Some people don't like the feel or when you talk, it sounds like the low frequencies have been turned up. There are $10 - $15 pairs that bring down the volume across the board. But for complete satisfaction, nothing beats custom.

Custom ear plugs (such as Sensaphonics) have been wonderful for me. An audiologist takes a mold and three weeks later, your new pair shows up at your door. They fit perfectly in your ear and are a clear plastic, so most people don't even notice that you are wearing ear plugs. You can place over-ear headphones on and they won't get in the way. Everything sounds balanced, with nothing sounding tinny, just everything at a lower volume.

We highly recommend ear plugs for those on the dance floor such as videographers and photographers working weddings every weekend.

Let us know your thoughts on saving your ears.

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