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When To Book A DJ For A Wedding

We have a few recommendations on when to book a DJ. Check out our latest video for some great suggestions!

The biggest tip that we recommend is to reach out to DJs as soon as you have booked your venue. Typically, this translates to nine to fourteen months prior to the event. If you wait to the last minute, say 2-3 months prior, you might not get to work with the DJ that you really wanted to. We have seen in the industry (such as earlier this year) when couples have contacted us in June or July, asking about our availability for October dates. Most of those, we had been sold out for months. The most popular date of the year was October 6th across the country. Every vendor and other DJ companies that we are friendly with was sold out. Once you reach out to a company, don't wait too long, as another client might book the DJ you really want. We hope this advice helps when you start planning your wedding.

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