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When To Book Your DJ

Now that you are engaged, found the perfect dress, booked your venue and selected a date, it's time to lock-in your other vendors. So, how far out should you book?

We asked a few wedding planner "friendors" of ours what they experience, as they're typically one of the first vendors booked by couples, as well as have oversight for the entire booking process.

Venue: 12-14 months

DJ/Band: 10-12 months

Photo/Video: 10-14 months

Tent/Rentals: 10 months

Decor/Florist: 8-12 months

Production/Lighting: 6-8 months

**Our team typically gets booked 9-18 months before the wedding, depending on the date. Saturdays are always the busiest, so there is always more availability shorter out on Fridays and Sundays. The only exception to this is on holiday weekends (Memorial and Labor Day).

The four busiest months for DJs are May, June, September, and October in the DMV area.

The earlier you schedule to book your vendor team, the better chance you'll have securing everyone and everything you want and envision.

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